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Patio Gas Regulator, with 1.5 Metre LPG Hose & Clips £17.99

You've just bought a New Gas BBQ without a Gas Connector to a Calor Patio Gas Propane Bottle?

We have a Patio Gas Regulator Kit(below) for those wishing to buy a complete new bottle to accommodate their Patio Gas Heater or Barbeque Gas Supply.

We also provide Free Delivery alongside your Patio Gas Bottle Delivery.

Please ring 01273 041500, 02392 808888 or 01202 373636 for more details. 

This pack will fit to your 8mm BBQ nozzle, it includes this 37mbar Propane Clip-on 27mm Regulator with 27mm valve fitting, 1.5 metres of 8mm LPG Hose & two LPG Clips to keep the LPG Hose gas tight.


Patio Gas Propane Reg + 1.5mm of 8mm LPG Hose + 2 LPG Clips


This Patio Gas Regulator pack will fit to all Green 5kg & 13kg Calor Patio Gas Bottles. It will attach to many types of Gas Barbeque & also fit different types of Gas Patio Heater. 

Handy Tip:- A tiny drop of Washing up Liquid to the Gas Nozzle will help, so that you fit your hose on tight, right to the end of the Nozzle, keeping it gas safe.