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JHL Portable Calor Gas Heater £119.99

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The JHL Mobile Gas Heater is a powerful 4.2Kw Calor Gas Heater & with small castors, it's movable around your home, office or outdoor space with no messy electric cables, the 3 Heat settings will bring instant warmth during a Cold Winter. Perfect for the Autumn when you require just enough heat to stop you from turning your Electricity or Gas Central Heating on, or during a Cold Winter to add extra warmth to your Main Heating.

A Reliable Stand-By for your Living Room, Home, Office, or even Pop-Up Outside Working Space. Its Fold-Away Design is ingenious, as it can open up from almost flat packed to a working 3 Bar Infra Red Mobile Gas Fire operating up to 4.2Kw on a 15kg Butane Calor Gas Cylinder.


The New Jefferson Expandable & Foldaway Gas Fire has been fitted with advanced safety measures, a Flame Failure Device & an ODS (Oxygen Depletion System) in case oxygen levels fall too low, it's also equipped with a built-in Piezo ignition for easy lighting & ready to warm those cold rooms. The Ignition, adjustable Gas Control & Gas Pipes are enclosed & protected inside the front assembly casing with the 3 Ceramic plaques.

So when the Spring comes, keep your packaging box and with its unique storage feature, clear your living space by packing it away to keep the 3 Radiant Plaques & Pilot Flame Jet Pipe(always prone) away from dust, with your Bottle back outside ready for next Winter or Backup on any Emergency Power Blackouts or drying out Rooms after Severe Storm Weather. 


The fine ceramic plates turn to an intense red colour when glowing. Heat is generated by a gas burner oxygen mix inside the ceramic plates at a temperature of around 900°C. The benefit is that its heat is perceived stronger and more direct, particularly when you are positioned in front of the heater. Especially when feeling cold, you get a fast, heat response from infrared heaters. They're easily recognisable when switched on as the heat is visible thanks to the glowing ceramic panels.

*Also offered as complete package with a Full Calor Gas 15kg Butane Cylinder, only £219.88 inc Vat*

FREE Heater & Calor Gas Delivery to Sussex, Hampshire & parts of Dorset, Kent & Surrey.

This Expandable Radiant Gas Heater can be used with any Butane Cylinder & comes with a 21mm “clip on” Butane Gas Regulator & LPG Hose.

                          Strength & Rigidity When Assembled