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Handwheel Screw-type Propane Gas Regulator, with 1.5 Metre LPG Hose & Clips £19.99

This pack will fit to your 8mm nozzle, it includes this 37mbar Propane Regulator with Hand-turn Screw-type fitting & 8mm nozzle hose side, 1.5 metres of 8mm LPG Hose & two LPG Clips to keep the hose gas tight.    

Handwheel Propane Reg + 1.5mm of 8mm LPG Hose + 2 LPG Clips


This Propane Gas Regulator pack will fit to all Red 6kg & 13kg Calor Propane Gas Bottles. It will attach to many different Propane Gas appliances, types of Gas Barbeque, & can also fit different types of Gas Patio Heater. 

Handy Tip:- A few tiny Drops of Washing up Liquid to the Gas Nozzle will help, so that you fit your hose on right to the end of the Nozzle.